Thinner Skin by Billie Jean Diersen

Brace yourself.

Like any Marine wife worth her salt, Jackie Thompson can improvise, overcome, and adapt with the best of them. A left-leaning intellectual among mostly right-leaning leathernecks, she is also adept at making waves and riding out storms—that is, until she meets walking disaster Sergeant Rob Copeland and his fiancée, Katrine.

Although accustomed to finding herself in hot water thanks to her unreliable verbal filtration device, Jackie is unprepared for the havoc caused by the ambitious but unstable sergeant, and devastated by what she discovers about Katrine in the aftermath.

Set in Minneapolis during the First Gulf War, Thinner Skin packs the tension of a military drama and the momentum of a Grisham thriller but with fewer casualties, no terrorists, and only one lawyer. As funny as it is suspenseful, it will leave readers breathless with its rapid-fire pacing, abundant edgy humor, and exhilarating hairpin curves.

Editorial Reviews "'It's complicated' only begins to describe the relationship dynamics in Billie Diersen's bold, brave, and engaging novel, Thinner Skin. At times titillating and at others heartbreaking…a story that is edgy and captivating, with touches of raw humor and characters who demand your attention..."
—Diane Kelly, bestselling author

"Diersen’s novel features a complex protagonist…She’s also quite charming…The book tackles several serious issues, including abusive relationships…But Diersen keeps the story light with dark humor, most notably an abundance of jokes about murder…"
—Kirkus Reviews

Available in paperback and Kindle format.

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